‘Do you guys play Freebird?’ 

‘No’, I replied ‘I’m sorry, we don’t”. 

‘Why’ she said, ‘everybody plays Freebird’. 

‘I know’ I said, ‘that’s why we don’t’. 

Our tagline gives it away - ‘Music You Won’t Hear From Every Other Band!’ Harmony Road is Westchester County, New York’s premier band. We create a blend of rock classics and pop tunes that get audiences up and dancing. 

The band is composed of five members: Frank Corrado, playing any instrument that’s playable including keyboards, guitars, saxophone and vocals: Jody Cole, riffing rock and blues on guitars and vocals, Sara Langbert, a classical cellist lending her vision to rock and blues, Jim Ward providing solid rhythms on bass and vocals and George Angelini laying down the clocklike tempo that glues it all together, tight as a drum so to speak. Our band looks to serve up a blend of music that includes present hits and past numbers that make people light up with that ‘I remember this song, I love this!’ look on their faces. It’s fun for us to see and when our audience is happy, we’re happy. Come and hear us...you will definitey enjoy the music!